Autumn Wallpaper II

Autumn Wallpaper II by Emats

Celebrate the arrival of fall with this leafy wallpaper


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There aren't many things I celebrate about the end of summer other than the I quite like the change of colors in the trees.

Autumn Wallpaper II illustrates this natural transformation in stunning clarity with a scene of tree lined splendor showing trees that are rapidly losing their red-brown leaves. It's available in three resolutions on the developer site, although the one offered here is 1920x1440 (full screen). Autumn Wallpaper II is also available in Widescreen and HDTV 1080 resolution. The wallpaper is completely free, there are no logos on it but there are no options or preferences either.

If the fall is one of your favorite seasons, then Autumn Wallpaper II will offer you a stunning tree lined scene to bid farewell to the summer.

Autumn Wallpaper II supports the following formats

Available in 1920x1440, 1920x1080 and 2560x1600 resolution.

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Autumn Wallpaper II


Autumn Wallpaper II by Emats

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